How to Make Difficult Decisions

by: JD

by JD on November 16, 2011

Making difficult decisions is just that – difficult.

If you’re reading this blog, it is likely because you’re a shaker and a mover. You’re a person that makes decisions. (Or, at least you want to be.)

However, time and time again I’ve found it extraordinarily difficult to make choices that I knew were going to dramatically affect my future. E.g., selling all my possessions and riding to South America.

Ultimately, you don’t know the outcome of any given choice. You can only guess. And it is that process of guessing the outcomes that can cause people to enter fits of indecision and anxiety. Well, here’s a way to deal with that.

How to Make a Difficult, Big Decision

Define two things.

1. What is the absolute worst case scenario

2. What is absolute best case scenario

If the worst thing happens, will the lesson be worth the consequences?

If the best case happens, will you be proud of the choice?

That’s it. That’s all you have to figure out. The decisions will be obvious after that. However, it might not be easy. Finding the courage to move forward will likely be more difficult than choosing you path.

How This Played Out For Me

Choice: Do I sell all my sheit, try and start a mobile business and ride my motorcycle to Chile?

Best Case Scenario: It works. I am mobile and free. I learn a ton. I share my story and inspire others. I feel good about my life.

Worst Case Scenario: I go broke, lose everything I have and get a job. I started this thing out working a job (with almost no savings). Net loss? – NOTHING.

Decision → Do it.

Ok, the “Worse Case Scenario” is actually that I could die. But, motorcycles are inherently dangerous. So, I rule that out as a worst case for two reasons:

1. I’m going to do that anyway (die that is), eventually.

2. I would be riding a motorcycle regularly even if I didn’t do this trip. So, it’s not really a factor unique to this adventure.

What Are You Facing?

Are you stuck in the grips of indecision?

I know it’s tough, but you’ve got to make a choice. Don’t waste time obsessing over it. Ultimately, you will learn something no matter what you choose. Very few things in life are entirely irreversible.

Make a choice.

Act. Adjust. Repeat.

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