Live on the Edge

by: JD

by JD on November 23, 2010

I’m not sure what my deal is. Everyone I know, and everyone I grew up with seems so normal; I’m not normal.

I want to live on the edge. The edge of life. I want to wonder, in any moment, if I might live or die.

Is that weird?

I think that’s why I love motorcycles. Granted, I ride safely and am (generally) very careful. But there’s just something about twisting the throttle, feeling yourself get pushed back in your seat, and popping the front wheel off the ground, that just feels so damn good.

If something goes wrong on a bike, you’re fucked. And somehow, I love that.

I don’t want to live a normal life. I want to live an epic life.

Our grandfathers fought the Nazis, their grandfathers’ grandfathers built a nation. I think deep down inside we all long for a sense of adventure to some degree. And maybe if I had just come home from a war, all I would want was a farm, a wife, a job and a family. But I haven’t fought a war. I fight only with my own fear and insecurity.

Most people wait for adventure to come to them. They wait for an exciting life.

Well, you might wait forever.

I want to create adventure. I want to create an epic story – and then live it.

That’s why I quit both my jobs and gave myself a deadline. This is all or nothing. Sink or swim. Hit or bust.

And I love that the stakes are high. I thrive on it. I’m all in.

I think I finally brought myself to a point in life where I just don’t give a fuck. I don’t care if I fail, if no one reads this blog (people are, thanks!), if I never start a business and I leave this state with $1,000 dollars in my bank account, on the back of a motorcycle I don’t know how to fix. It doesn’t matter anymore.

Screw it. It’ll be epic. Either epic failure or epic success. Both of those options are better than living safe.

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Minimalist4Life November 26, 2010 at 12:59 pm



I get so many weird looks and comments from people when I tell them I’m looking for my next adventure…my next great leap. They say “What?” or “Why?” Are you kidding me? I say why not??

I’m with you, I just don’t care what people think anymore. It’s my life to do what I want with, and I’m NOT GOING TO WASTE A MINUTE OF IT.

I so dig what you’re doing….and look forward to following your journey.

John DeVries November 27, 2010 at 10:58 am


Thanks for the encouragement. It’s weird, I was just kinda talking to myself and decided to turn it into a post. I wrote this in about 5 minutes and had it edited shortly after. I hesitated posting it because it seemed so short and trivial. But, it’s been pretty well received, and I think people have been able to connect with it.

You’ve been so supportive. (Which is nice to get from someone who is actually living their dreams.)

I can’t wait to share the rest of the story once I’m on the road. It’s gonna be a fun ride. Thanks for tagging along! :-)

Jake July 11, 2011 at 4:37 pm

Awesome dude,

I could never really put “it” into words, but you have nailed it. I too ride a motorcycle, safely of course, and its true, its a feeling of finally controlling your destiny. One wrong move on your part, death. One wrong move on another driver that you dont anticipate, death.

I just graduated law school, and am studying for the bar, I’ve been feeling like saying fuck it to it all though and just enjoying life. The market is terrible, the competition is often unhealthy, and frankly I miss making my own hours.

I was on the fence, but after reading this, I’m gonna sit back and stop stressing out so much. I might just wing it, who knows, maybe my internal sense of justice will shine through for the win!

Good Luck on your journeys!

JD July 11, 2011 at 7:51 pm


Thank you for being a part of the conversation here. I can totally relate to your state, as I have felt similarly many times in my life.

It seems I am forced to, “Sit back and stop stressing out so much.” (as you put so perfectly) on an almost weekly basis. It’s a lesson I come back to again and again. I hope you are better at it than I!

Best of luck with your future plans. I’m certain you will find your way. :-) Thanks for reading, and ride safe amigo.

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