Progress Report and Building a Business

by: JD

by JD on September 13, 2011

I did it. I am going to travel Central and South America on my motorcycle. I’ve pushed my departure date back a few weeks so I could spend some time in Chicago with my family, but I’m going.

It’s hard to believe that this is actually going to happen. A very short time ago this entire endeavor felt like a pipe-dream. I’m thrilled, nervous, and excited all at once. But, I think it’s going to be awesome.

I suppose, for a lot of people, this isn’t that big of a deal. But for me, saving money and mobilizing my income was a difficult thing to achieve. Last year I was working three jobs and making less than $1000 a month. At a sub 1k/month salary level, I just wasn’t able to put enough money away to travel extensively on my savings alone. However, it was in that state that I committed myself to the trip and started this blog, regardless of the circumstances.

Next month I’ll be quitting my final job and on track to replace my income via my own business. It’s not going to be a cake-walk, and freelance income can vary, but so far things are looking good. And I’m leaving anyway.

At some point, I realized that you can make money an excuse for as long as you want. There will always be excuses if you look hard enough for them. I’m done with that. It’s on. Funded sparsely or liberally, I’m hitting the road.

How Did I Do it?

The truth is that I’m not sure where I’d be right now if I hadn’t taken the advice of Sean Ogle and/or hadn’t committed myself to starting a freelance business. Last year, I was heavy into trying to figure out how I could create some form of passive income via an information product or something. I’m glad Sean talked some sense into me. For beginners, I think a service based business is a fantastic way to get started learning some skills that will be crucial in any entrepreneur’s future pursuits.

Once you start to generate some cash, you begin to see how value creation and delivery works. You begin to wrap your mind around the game (phrase stolen from Dan Andres @ And, once you get the game, you will become far more effective at playing it.

How You Can Do it, Too

Sean has recently released a new product which shows people how to do exactly what I’m talking about here. How to build a business.

Location Rebel is a step by step approach to gaining the skills you need to mobilize your income, so you can go about freeing yourself from your job and doing the things you’d rather be doing. This is not another make money online / get-rich-quick information product.

This stuff is hard work, and Sean’s course is definitely not a fast-track to quick and easy money. But you could easily replace the current income you make from your job in 6 months to a year.

If you’ve wanted to start your own business so you can travel, stay home with your kids, or even just sleep-in in the morning, I can’t recommend Location Rebel highly enough. Sean is the real deal and a hell of a guy. I’m certain you won’t be disappointed.

[Note that the above links to Location Rebel are affiliate links. If you buy Sean's course, I get paid a commission. I don't feel at all guilty about that because Sean's advice has changed my life. Do what you will.]

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